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News Page 3 - This years Charity Pet Race & Dog Show Oct 2008

167 dog entries helping raise nearly 2000 euros for this years chosen charity A.I.D.
A very special thank you to all our friends & supporters.

Photos of the Event (click to enlarge):
Winners in the Competition
Winner of BIS out of the veteran class- Jasmine
Winner of one of the Pedigree classes
Winner of one of the pedigree classes (2)
Winners of the Veteran class
2nd in the Fancy Dress "Freddie"
A 3rd place winner
Class winners - cutiest pup
Some of the winners (2)
fancy dress winners 2008
Junior handling winners
Pedigree class winners
Winner of Cutiest pup - Archie
The trophies & Rosettes for BIS & Pet race
The trophies & Rosettes for BIS & Pet race
The dog with the Best Trick winners
Monty - 3rd place fancy dress
3rd place in Junior handler - Oscar & Alphie
Cutiest pup winner with all the gifts
Eagerly watching the Judging
fancy dress winner - MAMBO
Forest- last years BIS winner
Leanne with her beautiful rescue puppy - 3rd place
Ruby the Boxer - this years 2nd place in the Pet Race
Some of the winners
Winner - Dougal & Jake
Proudly wearing A winners T-shirt
The steward with the sexiest 6 legs winner
People & Pets!
Attendies at the show
Awaiting the start of the show
Beauty at its best!
Bruno- The cocker in Fancy dress
Chatting at the registration table
Crowds are gathering
Heather & Dawn taking a well deserved break from the kitchen
Eagerly waiting the start
Fancy dress entrant
Fancy dress entrant - Monty in 3rd place
Fancy dress entrant (2)
Just settling in
Let the Pet Race begin
Luke & Scarlet with their entry of the day
One of AID s foster dogs that has just found a new home- bless!!
one of entrance to Cutiest Puppy under 1 yr
One of the beautiful entries
one of the stall holders
pet race 2008
Some of the entrants
Steward sorting the prizes for the day
The big ring
The bric a brac stall
The converted salon to a kitchen
People arriving at the ring
Rachel from Posh Pets laughing with Julie Ann from ACEfm
Rachel with BIS & RBIS
Look at this cutie
a beautiful stall on the day
BIS AND RES BIS with owner of Posh Pets Spain
Beautiful Spanish Water Dog
Come on Ben - strut- Chicos- stuff
You see even grown up men are suckers for a cute pup
Jan showing a puppy found in the bins the night before our show
Rachel talking to Ben- Dog most like its owner
Family, Kids and Pet fun!
Face painting
One of the childrens games
Roll over
We said roll over
Roll over (2)
What a laugh!!
Cooling down with an icecream
Lucky & Helen
Amy - Begging so well
Beautiful scene- Baby wants that dog!!
Amy - You would give her what she wants
Beg please!!
Owners instead of dogs doing commands!!
The beautiful Face painting
What are these pets thinking?!
What this day is all about
Wheres my mum !!
Just taking a rest
Hold me tight mom!!!
Phew its hot today mate!!
What a beautiful cross breed you are too!!
Whats the bucket for!!!
Weve missed our class mom - we could have won!!!
Welcome Finca la Mota entrant!!
Your so Cute!!
Cutie pie - look at me
Look at me...
Look at the boots says the little dog!!
Just lying around- taking it all in..
Competition Winners
Best in Show
Won out of Veteran:
Jasmine the cocker spaniel
Res Best in Show
Won out of dog with the best trick:
Pet Race Winner
Class 1
"Dog Fancy Dress"
1st - Mambo with owner Shirley
2nd - Freddie with owner Ann
3rd - Monty with owner Daniella
Class 2
"Dog Most Like its owner"
1st - Charlie with owner Scarlet
2nd - Chico with owner Ben
3rd - Molly with owner Jane
Class 3
"Cutest Puppy under 1 year"
1st - Chillie with owner Len
2nd - Daisy with owner Lisa
3rd - Muffin with Leanne
Class 4
" Best Veteran 9ys plus"
1st - Jasmine with owner Jessica
2nd - Lily with owner Claire
3rd - Isis with owner Julie
Class 5
" Most Stunning ex Rescue dog"
1st - Doogle with owner Jake
2nd - Bernard with owner Christine
3rd - Jake with owner Jet
Class 6
" Sexiest 6 legs"
1st - George with owner Amy
2nd - Monty with owner Carla
3rd - Chilli with owner Len
Pet Race
1st - Lucky with owner Becky
2nd - Ruby with owner Michael
3rd - Monty with owner Daniella
Class 7
" Best Junior Handler under 12 years"
1st - Rosie with owner Scarlet
2nd - Scooby with owner Abbi
3rd - Oscar with owner Alfie
Class 8
" Dog with the Best Trick"
1st - Lucky with owner Alex
2nd - Buddie with owner Robin
3rd - Blue with owner Bill
Class 9
" The Dog with the Most Obedient Owner"
1st - Patch with owner Jake
2nd - George with owner Amy
3rd - Danny with owner June
Class 10
" The Owner with the Wiggliest Bottom & Waggiest Tail"
1st - Lucinda with owner Linda
2nd - Tula with owner Vaughan
3rd - Purdy with owner Leah
Class 11
" Best Pure Bred Male"
1st - Boston with owner Tula
2nd - Leo with owner Roberto
3rd - Dinky with owner Jenni
Class 12
" Best Pure Bred Female"
1st - Jessie with owner Dee
2nd - Kiara with owner Isabel
3rd - Luna with owner Jet

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