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General information about Leishmaniasis and Immunization protocol:
This disease mainly affects dogs, although occasionally cases have been reported in human and other animals, such as cats.
It’s caused by a parasite and transmitted by insects similar to mosquitoes (sand flies), as known as “The mosquito’s disease”. When a sand fly bites an infected dog, it acquires the illness and after a short latency period, it transmits the disease to all the animals that it bites, thus expanding the disease.
It’s important to know:
-Both, parasite and mosquito are present in Spain, especially in the south, because of the weather.
-In the Autonomous Community of Andalucía, all Leishmania’s cases must be declared to the competent authorities, and those animals who are not treated are supposed to be put down.
Leishmaniasis is a serious pathology, with multiple symptoms and often lethal. Between the symptoms can be found: depression, lethargy, anorexia, skin lesions (ulcers, crusts, inflammation and secondary infections), nasal bleeding, kidney and hepatic problems, anemia, etc. Not all breeds are equally susceptible.

Why we should vaccinate them?
The appearance of symptoms depends on the kind of immunitary response that the animal develops:
-One of the immunitary responses is to blame for the appearance of clinical signs, because it generates too many antibodies that cause damage in different organs. This is the one that animals develop in normal situation.
-The other one favors the parasite’s elimination and disease resistance. Furthermore, it produces memory cells which keep the animal protected from future infections. This kind of response is stimulated by the vaccine.
As refers adverse reactions, this vaccine is safe, since for its elaboration they have used a culture media free of protein (the main cause of allergic reactions). Likewise, the residual virulence has been reduced (minor side effects, such as: fever, depression, anorexia, etc) as they don’t use the full parasite, just microscopic parts of it.

Immunization protocol:
-Worming 10 days before vaccination; in case the animal is infested, the vaccine will lose part of its efficiency.
-You must do a quick test to determinate if the animal is infected, because sometimes there aren’t any symptoms until later on. If the animal is positive the vaccine is useless.
- Primary vaccination: 3 doses, 21 days apart between them.
-Annual remembrance.
1. Leishmaniasis is a serious illness, so that we must fight against it with all the tools of our disposal. This includes:
vaccination, using sand fly’s repellents (collar or drops) We would recommend the Scalibor collar & advantix drops, avoiding keep the animal outdoors at dawn and dusk.
2. Thanks to the vaccination we avoid the need of symptomatic treatment, warranting pet’s health and reducing costs in medication and analytical checks.
3. The vaccination not only protects our animal from the infection, but also reduces the number of infected animals and therefore the dissemination of the illness to other animals or places.

We are offering a SHEDLESS TREATMENT
(reduces shedding 60%-80%) The shedless treatment consists of 3 steps. A special curry brush is used during a bath in a tearless shampoo & then the dog is conditioned in solution which is as gentle as a conditioner & is applied directly to your dogs coat during the bath after rinsing & toweling a high powered velocity dryer is then used which blows out all excess hair. A FURminator tool which is then utilized to remove excess undercoat and loose hair, flaky skin and dandruff leaving a healthy, shiny top coat. Please contact us for further details.

Bath in a tearless shampoo, a condition treatment & a curry brush After a blaster with a high velocity dryer the ferminator begins

After the ferminator " Hugo" our model today feels, clean, fresh & less hairy- Who says a short haired dog does not require grooming.

TEETH brushing, plaque removal & polish

Posh Pets Spain can offer your dogs in conjunction with a Grooming Treatment in the salon. Pets are not sedated & as long as your dog is of good behaviour we can offer this service to your pet. If we feel that your dogs teeth are “beyond” our help we will refer you to your veterinarian.

Jazz before a brush, plaque removal & polish
Jazz after a treatment, amazing results are seen)
Demi before a Dental treatment Demi after a Dental treatment at Posh Pets Spain

Hairy, crawling "MONSTERS"
The Processionary Caterpillar

It’s that time of year again; now the weather is beginning to warm up to warn pet owners of the dangers of the “candy floss” white nests that have appeared rapidly in the fir trees above our heads!!

This is the nest of the PROCESSIONARY CATERPILLAR and they arrive in their thousands!! – They are dangerous to humans too but because dogs & cats are inquisitive& like to nosey about on the ground sniffing out what’s new – that is when pets get themselves into trouble.

The caterpillars get their name because they follow each other in a “procession” actually looking quite sweet, innocent and cute; they are dark brown in colour.  The caterpillars hatch from their nests and follow each other across a pathway or road making a definite line to their onward destination. It is at this point that we canines and felines wander up to the “little monsters” & have a good sniff to investigate the findings – & get into trouble.

If  your pet comes into contact with the caterpillars it is imperative that you wash well the area & get your pet to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

The caterpillars are covered in thousands of tiny hairs which get hooked on the skin, mouth or nose – they imbed into pets and then literally “eat away on flesh”. Avoid exercising pets in the pine forests until the end of April. If you need any advise on these devils please contact us via our website – www.poshpetsspain.com or Telf= 952 597 035.

Scalibor Collars now on sale.
scalibor dog collars for ticks
Our New range of Scalibor Collars are now in stock. We are offering them at a special price of 17 euros a saving of up to 7 euros.

The Scallibor range of Collars are for small, medium-sized dogs and large. The collars help to control the infestations of ticks for 5 to 6 months as well as help protect against sand
flies for 5 to 6 months and they have an anti-feeding effect on adult mosquitoes for 6 months. The Scallibor collars are available in our shop
for more details please contact us.
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TEETH brushing, plaque removal & polish
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Hairy, crawling "Monsters"
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